Shotokan 2000 Junior Competition December 2011

Shotokan 2000 Junior Competition December 2011 results were as follows.

First up the junior 9th - 7th Kyu Kata, this was for some the first time they had competed in a competition and all performed well In 3rd place was Simon Lowe he beat brother Declan Lowe in the head to head for 3rd place. In Second place as Jack Morris just beaten by the winner Cameron Brodie

Next up where the junior 6th Kyu and above. Again the competition for the medals was fierce In 3rd place was Eden McDough she beat her brother Brogan in with a good showing in the kata Tekki Shodan In second place was Caelum Duffin but was beaten by the seasoned campaigner Jay Hogg.

Next came the Kumite and again for some this was the first time for some had fought under competition rules and again all fought well. Kumite junior 8 years to 9 years In 3rd place Logan Young beating Ellis Campbell In second place Simone Lowe but the positions were reversed this time and brother Declan Lowe came out a deserving winner

The last in the Kumite was junior 12 years to 14 years In 3rd place Brogan McDough who reversed the position this time with this sister Eden. In second place Jay Hogg and again the positions changed with this time Caelum Duffin taking the top spot. Jay Hogg was voted best-improved student for his good placing thought the year at various competitions.