Association History

James Ford a Black Belt 6th Dan started the association in 2000. After training as part of other top associations for over 27 years he decided it was time to start his own association using his different experiences from other Karate groups.

James's main style of Karate is Shotokan, hence the name of the association. It is a mixture of the traditional Shotokan style combined with bag work and focus pads, and a lot more stamina required for the grading exams. The Gradings are more physical as well as technical.

We also participate in sport Karate and cover full contact techniques for adults. Juniors do not participate in full contact, they are taught light sparing until the age of 16.

Shotokan 2000 is proud to have one of Scotland's youngest Black Belts, James's son ( pictured center kneeling ) James received his Black Belt at the age of 10, a great achievement.