Bob Guthrie

Cadham Karate Club

5th Dan Black Belt

Bob began training in Shotokan Karate in Kirkcaldy in 1976 under Jim Wood. The club moved to Kirkland High School where he met and trained with the Ford brothers and many others until 2001 when business commitments forced him to abandon training. During this time Bob achieved his 1st Dan under Sensei Enoeda and 2nd and 3rd Dan grades under Senseis Bert and James Ford and Ross Frame. Bob attended many courses over these years with various Japanese instructors including Senseis Tomita, Kawasoe, Kase, Yahara, Enoeda and Uk instructors Steve Cattle and Terry O'Neill.He competed in club competitions and to his surprise was runner-up one year in Kumite! He reckons the other competitors must have had an off day. Bob re-started training in March 2011 and during the first session back managed to dislocate a finger! He now attends Cadham Club on a regular basis and thinks that he has probably never been fitter, a testament to Tony Hoggan and John Duffin. Although he is the oldest member in Cadham Club he is not averse to a bit of sparring now and then! Bob was recently awarded his 4th Dan and is hoping that he will be able to carry on for another 20 or so years!

Bob was awarded his 5th Dan by James Ford Chief Instuctor for Shotokan 2000 on 22nd November 2019.