Why Learn Karate

Why Learn Karate ?

Self Defense Karate is one of the most efficient and effective self-defense systems ever developed. Initially to satisfy an ancient need for self-preservation, if properly taught by qualified instructors, karate can significantly increase your defensive skills and may one day save your life. The need for self defense comes from many quarters and no more so than in todays increasingly violent society, when confronted it is natural to feel fear. With training you will have the ability to stand up for and defend yourself on both a physical and mental level. Whether your 16 or 60, we can help you be more prepared to defend yourself against an attacker. Children and adults alike can learn to beat the bully at their own game, holding their head up high and facing each day with less fear. Exercise and Health The experience of thousands of karate practitioners worldwide demonstrates karate has all the advantages of aerobic exercises. Shotokan 2000 Karate training includes exercises and warm-ups designed to work the large muscle groups such as triceps or quadriceps and while you dont have to be fit to start, you will usually become fit over time. You will probably lose weight and increase muscle tone and definition as you grow fitter. A psychological spin off tends to be an increase in confidence in everyday life. Karate is an excellent stress relieving tool and is a great way to wind down from todays hectic lifestyles. Flexible class times and sympathetic, patient instructors help to make it a sport suitable for everyone regardless of ability. Confidence, a sense of well-being, and a more positive outlook toward life in general are among the many psychological benefits of karate practice. Karate is quite a group activity. You will meet people who share at least one of your interests, the karate itself! The shared demands of training can build friendship and camaraderie that lasts for years. The club has social events and special free training events designed specifically to bring martial artists together to help build skills and acquire new friends.

Finding the Right Club It's more important to find the right club or school and teachers than it is to choose a particular style. Here are some guidelines for evaluating a school:

  • The school should let you and in fact should encourage you to observe a class, even take a free class or two.
  • The instructors should be unfailingly polite, respectful, and cheerful to the students.
  • Classes should look organized, with instruction appearing to follow a lesson plan.
  • Students should behave respectfully and attentively at all times, and should continue their respectful behavior when class is finished.
  • There should never be any roughhousing or dangerous play, or displays of temper on anyone's part.
  • If there are women in the class, they should be treated the same as the men, not given constant concessions to their supposed fragility, yet not brutalized or otherwise singled out. (If there are no women (or men), it might be a good idea to ask why.)
  • Young students or children should be given the same respect as adults, and should in turn learn about managing their own discipline and being resepectful to others, helping to equip them for the long years ahead. It should still be fun for them, after all they are still children. The school should therefore have instructors that understand the need to mix exercise and training with educational play.
  • The key to recognizing a good school is to watch how they treat students without natural athletic ability. Do instructors focus only on the stars, leaving the strugglers to muddle along as best they can? Do they point out struggling students for ridicule? Do they appear irritated at questions or requests for help? All of these are trouble signs.
  • In the end, the best guide is your gut feeling and bearing in mind that you are not stuck for life with your decision. If it turns out that the school just doesn't suit you, don't give up on martial arts entirely. Be patient and persistent, and you will find the right place to train.