Heian (Peaceful Mind)

Heian Shodan

This kata has twenty one movements and is performed in the "I" pattern. As well as the techniques covered in the Taikyoku katas it adds Jodan (head) and Shuto (knife hand) blocks as well as Kokutsu (back) stance.

Heian Nidan

It consists of twenty six movements and again is performed in the "I" pattern. New techniques incorporated include double handed blocks at the start, side kick, front kick and an open hand strike.

Heian Sandan

Which has twenty three movements, but is performed in the shape of a "T". Additional techniques include Kiba dachi (horse riding stance), blocking using the elbows and backknuckle strikes.

Heian Yodan

The kata is made up of twenty seven movements and is performed in using a pattern of a "T". New techniques added in this kata include double handed Shuto blocks, elbow strikes and reinforced middle area blocks.

Heian Godan

This is the last in the Heian series and consists of twenty five movements which are performed in a "T" pattern. Additional techniques include a reverse punch and a spinning jump.

All the above descriptions were based in information obtained from "Karate-Do Kyohan" by Gichin Funakoshi.