Kanku (To Look at the Sky)

The correct Japanese name for this kata is Kanku, but the Okinawan is Kwanku and has been referred to by this in Gichin Funakoshi's book "Karate-Do Kyohan" where the most of the kata description were obtained.

Kanku Dia

This kata is an advanced kata of sixty five movements and is performed in the plus-minus pattern. The name comes from the opening movements where the hands are held open, palms inward in front of the body. They are then raised slowly to point upwards above the head. During this movement the eyes view through the hands and eventually seem to be looking upwards through the hands.

Kanku Sho

Is a shorter version and consists of forty seven movements performed in the plus-minus pattern the same as Kanku Dai. Another advanced kata with a variety of new techniques included during execution such as overhand strikes, a jumping turn and a jumping spinning kick to the head.