Sambon Kumite (3 Step Sparring)

Aim of Exercise

This exercise aims to familiarize the student with a realistic fighting scenario, in which they must defend against several different attacks before counter attacking. Although similar to Gohon Kumite, the sequence of attacks are now at different target areas, and so the student must learn to expect and defend against different attacking techniques to different target areas.


A sequence of 2 attacks (a jodan punch, a chudan punch ) are made in succession by the attacker. The defender defends each attack with a different block, before counter attacking after the third (final) block.

Points to Watch

As the sequence is still a predetermined one (as with Kihon Ippon and Gohon kumite) it is important for the defender to react only to the attack, and not pre-empt the known attack and move/defend to early. As with all kihon (or basic) sparring, no contact is made (or should not be made!) on the counter attack.