Gohon Kumite (5 Step Sparring - Basic)

Aim of Exercise

The main aims of this exercise are to teach students about reacting to consecutive attacks and maintaining correct distancing. It also improves the awareness of the defender, as although the defender knows the area of attack, the time of the next attack is unknown and the defender must react only to the attackers movement. Finally this exercise gives students experience of having to consistently defend well (as may be needed against a particularly determined opponent).


This exercise consists of a sequence of 5 consecutive attacks, to the same target area (jodan or chudan punches). All 5 attacks are blocked using the same blocking technique before a final counter attack is made.

Points to Watch

The 5 attacks should not be equally spaced, but should be random in timing, as to surprise and test the defender. On the chudan attacks the attacker should aim to make light contact (ie attack faster than the defender can defend). Finally it is very easy for the attacker to unknowingly indicate that they are about to attack by giving little signs, such as a small initial foot or hand movement or a change in facial expression. The attacker should avoid this in all kumite as it telegraphs the intention to attack. Conversely the defenders should learn to read these signs to help them react to a possible attack. As with all kihon (or basic) sparring, no contact is made (or should not be made!) on the counter attack.