Jim Ford Association Chief Instructor

Instructor for Leven Karate Club

7th Dan Black Belt

James began training at the age of 16. He and his brother began training at a KUGB club in Methil, run by Jim Wood before moving to the Scottish Budokan . Here James met and was influenced by many top instructors, amongst whom were Gene Dunnett, Alex McGregor and Jerry Fleming.

At the Budokan James rose to the level of Black Belt 3rd Dan before joining the new association of another top instructor, Ross Frame. Within Ross's Tei Karate Association, James continued to advance reaching the grade of Black Belt 5th Dan.

James has successfully competed in many Kata and Kumite (Free fighting) competitions throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Amongst James's many honors are wins in the Northern Ireland Opens (4 years in succession).

James was awarded his 7th Dan in March 2015 and ratified by The S.K.G.B.