3rd Kyu Grading Sheet (1st Brown Belt)


  1. Low Block, Face Punch, Front Kick, Body Punch
  2. Low Block, Face Punch, Knee Strike, Body Punch
  3. Step forward double punch, Low Roundhouse kick stepping forward (Same)
  4. Rising elbow, Roundhouse elbow, Downward elbow (Same)
  5. Front kick Step-up Roundhouse kick same leg, Reverse punch (Same)
  6. Axe Kick Step-up same leg Reverse Crescent kick Reverse punch (Same)
  7. Back Kick, Step Up Hook Kick Same Leg Reverse punch (Same)
  8. Deflecting Block, Reverse Punch, spin Sweep, Punch (Same)
  9. Front kick,Roundhouse kick same leg ( leg not touching the Floor) then reverse punch landing (Same)


Tekki Shodan

Plus 1 Heian Kata chosen by panel

Sparring,Bag Work,Exercises

  • Sparring 2 x 2 minute Rounds
  • Bag Work 1 minute 30 secounds
  • Exercises 30 Sit-Ups, 30 Press-ups

NOTE: These sheets are just a guide, the content of a grading may change at the examiners discretion

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