4th Kyu Grading Sheet (Purple & White Belt)


  1. Step Forward Double punch (Turn Same)
  2. Front Leg Front Kick, Reverse Punch, Front Kick, Reverse Punch (Turn Same)
  3. Forward double punch, inside block with front hand, reverse punch (Turn Same)
  4. Front Leg Roundhouse Kick, Reverse Punch, Roundhouse, Reverse Punch (Turn Same)
  5. Forward Knifehand Block, Back Knifehand block, Forward Double Punch, "fighting stance" (Turn Same)
  6. Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Back Kick, Reverse Punch (Turn Same)


Heian Godan

Sparring, Bag Work, Exercises


  • 3 x 2 minute rounds

Bag work

  • 1 minute 30 seconds

Exercises All

  • 30 sit-ups : 30 press-ups

NOTE: These sheets are just a guide, the content of a grading may change at the examiners discretion

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