7th Kyu Grading Sheet (Yellow Belt)


  • 1. Double Punch
  • Triple Punch
  • 2. Low block, Reverse Punch, Low Block
  • Low block, Reverse Punch, Low Block (in reverse)
  • 3. Knifehand Block, Spearhand Strike
  • Knifehand Block, Spearhand Strike (in reverse)
  • 4. Front Kick , Reverse punch
  • Side Kick , Reverse punch
  • 5. Roundhouse Body kick, Reverse Punch
  • Roundhouse Head kick, Reverse Punch


Heian Nidan

Block & Counter


  • Three step sparring (Sambon Kumite)


  • Rising Block, Outside Block

NOTE: These sheets are just a guide, the content of a grading may change at the examiners discretion

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